• AMC 360

    you guys going to ever do an amc 360 build? would love to see it!

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    Started by tfal

  • 2014 Camaro

    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a 2014 Camaro V6 twin turbo project on the show. If so just email me at mattdavis9798@gmail.com

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    Started by matthewdavis

  • 2014 Camaro

    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a 2014 Camaro V6 twin turbo project on the show. If so just email me at mattdavis9798@gmail.com

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    Started by matthewdavis

  • Stock oil pans vs. aftermarket oil pans for TQ/HP gains.

    How about a segment on oil pans for horsepower as well as oil viscosity, synthetic and non-synthetic comparisons.

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    Started by k718cougar

  • 440 Mopar

    would you be interested in using the BB Mopar engine you put together and run a 6 barrel setup on it to show it's proper set up and tuning?

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    Started by macmic87

  • mopar 512

    how can I watch the video

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    Started by scatpac2016

  • 87 grand national

    havent seen any of your shows working on GN or GNX, I have one that could use some tlc and I don’t know much about turbos would love some input or...

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    Started by Anotherdonation

  • Cam Degree Wheel used on Engine Power

    Can you please tell who makes/sells the three spoked aluminum cam degree wheel seen above your workbench on the Engine Power TV show? Thanks for your...

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    Started by spm1us

  • Caddilac

    How come engine power has never done an old caddy motor 472-500?

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    Started by Cpan

  • Old School Cool

    id like to see what you can do with old school power plants like the 409 - Nail head Buick - Ford flat head V8 - Chevys shoe box 348 - or some of the...

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    Started by Spencer j

  • 1970 CobraJet Torino

    I have a 1970 J Code (not a SCJ) this is a 82k original car except for a backyard redneck paint job back in the 80’s my goal is to increase the...

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    Started by SCJ Sean

  • Polysphere 318

    You should do a story on the polysphere family of engines from Chrysler. I have a 1966 318 version you could have if you wanted to use it on a...

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    Started by Fast 440

  • factory 6.4 cam upgrade in 5.7 hemi VVT

    what parts are absolutely needed for this upgrade is there a mild cam upgrade that that does not require tuning

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    Started by moparfan1

  • Takeout time

    I was thinking of doing something like this to my 91 GMC Truck and i was wondering. Since you carbureted it can i stick with the 4L60 trans or should...

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    Started by chadsipp

  • Ford IDI Diesel

    Probably not the most popular engine but how many times can we rebuild a 350 with a different configuration. It's a 21:1 compression ratio,...

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    Started by 69diesel

  • Fuel economy

    The engine builds shown on TV are very satisfying and Mike Pat do an outstanding job of presenting the topics. Many kudos to you all. I would be...

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    Started by tomgill

  • Your Chevy Bias Is Showing

    Your head to head comparison with LQ4 and Windsor engine was seriously flawed. For a true comparison why didn't you use a Gen1 350 engine from the...

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    Started by douglasrahn

  • 1997 Mercedes-Benz Renntech E60 Limited

    Can you guys help with programming the ecu to move the rev limiter from around 4000 to 5500 i have a 6.0 liter mercedes from 1997 in a renntech e60(...

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    Started by samdavis

  • Comp cams cam timing

    when you check cam card timing and it is off 2 degrees is it worth changing mine comes up 104 instead of 106 on a 110 lsa should I move it to the...

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    Started by shawnchristie

  • Truck Engine vs Car Engine

    I know in the most general sense, a truck engine is more about Torque and a car engine is more about Horsepower. But horsepower and torque generally...

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    Started by Para32

  • Mike, Pat need help with a 598 bbc

    I need parts ideas. I want to build a 598bbc for an off road truck. Pump gas, hydraulic roller, jesel rockers and fuel injection. I need help with...

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    Started by ryanorear

  • Building a new Chevy 302 getting the most hp out of it .

    What might be the most HP with all the new technologies possible ?

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    Started by billyself

  • Hey Pat or Mike the E-Street Vortech Build

    This video http://www.powernationtv.com/episode/HP2012-08/e-street-vortech-build I got to ask what with the Chevy Vortec Cylinder Head that are...

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    Started by SHSPVR

  • buick straight 8

    I have a 49 Buick Sedan with a Duell Carb Staight 8, 3 on the Tree, are these motors worthy to re-build or are they fickle and weak.

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    Started by andythorp

  • engine horse power

    can you do a short 5 minutes about marine engines . not outboards or small craft, but big ships , I know that some are rated at 100,000 HP. Your...

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    Started by patrickrenshaw