• LS Fest East 2016(?) Silverado Re-Skinned to '67 aired 12/02/2018

    Today in the final third of the show, Eliza did a bit on the LS Fest In Bowling Green, KY. One of the featured trucks was a 2016 (I think) short-bed...

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    Started by Hedjhawg

  • 53 willy's

    We got the teardown, then nothing ??? Come on guys lets finish what we start.if it got scratched from the show then say so. If not then lets do it...

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    Started by Twotweenty

  • Big Buck Builds

    How many folks got the money to build from scratch, a new toy ? In today's world, if you don't have $40k to start with, you ain't getting nothing...

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    Started by mtwallet

  • what happened with Ian Anderson?

    I was very interested in the 6 wheel drive suburban survival vehicle that he was working on. I would like to know how it turned out as I am looking,...

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    Started by BubbaD57

  • Power Naton's Being Quite

    Have you noticed that Power Nation hasn't said a word about this mess, no words of support for the painted lady of the other guy. Come on Power...

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    Started by Fat Daddy

  • Zombie 6x6

    Did Ian ever finish the Zombie 6x6 Suburban? I can’t find anything in the payoff

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    Started by William.beck85

  • Paralyzed & need help. Hope to contact show?

    Hello, I need help with my unsafe wheelchair van was hoping to contact any of the shows. Can't figure out how to though. Can someone please please...

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    Started by derecklockwood

  • Parts Used on XOR Scout Fireup episode (S5 E9)

    It wasn't listed in the "Parts Used" list, but what kit was used for the alternator relocation? It looked like a nice clean process. ...

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    Started by michaelyoung

  • XOR

    Let me just say that changing the hosts of this program was one of the worst things you guys could do, no offence to the new hosts, but we are not...

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    Started by Jaz1961

  • Welding

    I’ve been watchin this show sinc the beginnings and it seems like the weld quality has gone down hill. Like today watching the scout build and the...

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    Started by Jprice188

  • Overland Scout Stinger

    I don’t know a lot about off-roading but wouldn’t it be better, for strength, to run that tubing for the stinger through the top of the bumper...

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    Started by SVTII

  • Suzuki

    Why does no one build Suzuki's all thats done are jeeps. The Suzuki grand vitata and xl7s are a great platform to start from

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    Started by ryanwinebrenner

  • Layed down a bunt and beat it out.

    Alright, just watched your latest show. Going into today you were two and two, you bunted and beat it out. New count - 0 and 0 with a runner on...

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    Started by Fat Daddy

  • Cheap paint job

    I paint my cars and trucks an easier and cheaper way than with spray bombs. I use a roller. Granted, they aren't show cars, but they look pretty...

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    Started by cosmicfrog

  • Best OHV park close to Nashville

    Going to Oak Ridge to see family and wheel at Wind Rock. What other parks should I stop at on the way?

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    Started by Tegillen

  • One I miss.

    I've had many vehicles through the years. Not many motorcycles but the times I've tried to count all the cars and trucks that I drove on the road...

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    Started by cosmicfrog

  • Ramcharger

    When it comes to building street legal 4X4's, it's either a Super Duty, Tundra or new Chevy. But the bulk of people can't afford to buy a new truck...

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    Started by richardvera

  • Jeep yj pre cleaner snorkel

    any ideas on building an pre-cleaner snorkel from H1 intake cover for a yj with the 4.0?

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    Started by staceyculpepper