• ring and pinion for dana

    I have a newer ram 2017 5500. I has a dana s111l axle w/ 4:88 I would like to change to 4:10 but everything I am finding in after market either has...

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    Started by Grizz416


    This article was posted earlier today, I do not have a facebook account and cannot post in the comment section. I am working to contact the...

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    Started by RtotheP

  • Brake Conversion

    Have 96 ram1500. Used a ssb conversion kit. Brakes work but pedal still feels spongy. No leaks and get fluid when bleeding brakes. Upgrading to a GM...

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    Started by M.B.lost

  • Fox body Sidewinder

    I've been watching Power Nation for many years. All the segments offer something useful and informative. I'm watching an episode right now that is...

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    Started by fastam

  • GMPP, Moser, and Dynatech

    I have used a bunch of different products in my build and wanted to vent / inform about 3 companies that I had problems with and would probably not...

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    Started by John L.

  • Cyl.head porting

    show based on cylinder head porting,will there be a show based on this format

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    Started by ron,eh

  • 03 Explorer Engine Transplant

    I Have an 03 explorer with the 4.6. and AWD .Will a coyote engine fit? Will the existing AWD drive train handle the increased horsepower and torque?...

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    Started by wnova

  • 4.6 transplant

    I am putting a 4.6 town car 4.6 in a 86 f150 If any one out there has done this before can ya let me know what all needs to come over from the...

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    Started by LLW

  • F150 5.4L

    Will a Coyote 5.0L fit in my 2009 F150, and what will I need to make it all work? It currently has a 5.4L power plant.

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    Started by Greg

  • 69 Roadrunner

    383, bored 40 over, with a mild cam... nothing extreme, but a good driver.

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    Started by chadamos

  • Subaru Crosstrek

    I just completed a build of my 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. I'm a University of Kentucky Fan so the project is named "Project Wildcat". I...

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    Started by Roscoe

  • Lightweight parts for BIG street horsepower

    All these hot Pro Touring cars are cool, but I want to approach it from another direction. It's cool that folks can build 3500 lb. street touring...

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    Started by randyhagan

  • Anyone gonna buy one for your home garage?

    Another relevant segment on XOR. He needs to drill some holes into a steel plate bumper, so he takes it over to his handy Edwards Ironworker...

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Program Content

    Today I watched an episode of Engine Power, titled Triple Threat Camaro. I viewed it on my DVR. Near the end of the episode I realized there...

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    Started by HTM101

  • Super Power Durability?

    Ok, the horsepower they are getting out of some of the flagship cars like the Demon, Viper, Corvette, etc are impressive, but do we have any...

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    Started by Narwal

  • Front end transplant

    Does anyone have experience with putting a modern ( mustang 2) type front end under a '39 LaSalle? It desparately needs an upgrade in steering and...

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    Started by Tom Brace

  • Anyone Getting Tired?

    Just wondering if any you share my opinions. I have included a poll. Hopefully PN will take it to heart. 1 There is just way too much advertising....

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Where are the videos/news?

    On PowerNation Daily Gannon says for more info check out Powernationtv. But when I come here I can't find any links to the stories he has covered. ...

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    Started by 2018Vette