• 1959 Willy Jeep

    I have a all orginal 1957 Willy with 70,000 mile. I'm interested in talking to some one about have it used as project to up grade / build it into...

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    Started by Meanstreak

  • Paralyzed & need help badly!

    I am paralyzed from the shoulders down, and in desperate need of help! My wheelchair van, is rusted and as many problems, as it is old and I live in...

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    Started by derecklockwood

  • Gen III Hemi

    I have a 2011 Dodge Charger Mopar Edition #828 which i have owned for almost 4 years. It is the 1st car i ever bought and i got it when i was just 23...

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    Started by Shadow828

  • Time of shows now.

    I live in Calif. I watched your shows regularly on Dish Network. They were early, starting at 6:00 on Sunday Mornings, but that wasn't too bad. ...

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    Started by jdavida10

  • You've lost me as a viewer!!!

    I spent the time registering on this forum to try and get the attention of the network to say I'm done. After YEARS of watching Horsepower,...

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    Started by gmjim

  • payed for a subscription but no new episodes can you say fraud

    by paying for the subscription we were to be given access to new episodes and content. well with roku units we are not receiving this content whether...

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    Started by wildride59

  • what tv channel did you all move to

    I watched every sunday morning and then one day you all aint on the Paromount channel ( 241 ) instead that damn ole Bar Resque . I hate that...

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    Started by LLW

  • Archives

    Any plans to fill out the archives with earliest seasons? For example "Horsepower" seasons 1 thru 9?? I am a PN+ member, and was hoping to...

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    Started by Gearhed64

  • The title name ENGINE POWER

    Great show!! Mike/Pat, I'm Pat also, I'm a LONG TIME FAN/WATCHER. WAY back when it was Chuck/Joe, I think it was Joe, I'm getting olde tymers LOL....

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    Started by 4349master

  • olds 442 restomod

    what ever happen to the olds 442 restomod project that tommy boshers and steve mank were working on. sure wound be nice to see it again

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    Started by mike waters

  • Show commercials

    Way too many commercials. Need more steak and less sizzle. A 30 minute segment had approximately 22 minutes of commercials. Way too many and a waste...

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    Started by Limoman

  • Show About Computer Controlled Cars

    I have seen a show about tuning a PCM for modifications, but have you done a more involved show that tells about the sensors, what checks have to be...

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    Started by John L.

  • Safety and personal protection equipment

    When jeremy or "LT" do any body or prep work on truck tech, you always see them wearing the things they need, safety glasses, ear...

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    Started by Dave Crouch

  • cylinder head porting


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    Started by ron,eh

  • XOR: Gettin' SASsy! (show idea)

    Do a solid axle swap for the current mid-size trucks: Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon Nissan Frontier Toyota Tacoma - has to use coils (or coilovers, but...

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    Started by peejay75

  • Need helping finding an old episode!

    Can't remember which show it was, but during one of the builds, one of the guys was talking about making up connections for power steering hoses. I...

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    Started by peejay75

  • Salvage yard build.

    I know a lot of times, the different shows will visit a salvage yard to get certain parts for a project. However, these shows often put a bunch of...

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    Started by cosmicfrog

  • World Motown Hybrid SBC LS7

    I am rebuilding a 79 Corvette. I was looking at the work to covert to an LS series engine when i saw your piece on the World Products Motown hybrid...

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    Started by mark.emmert

  • Losers

    Why do we see all the give aways but never the winners I'm tired of wasting time putting my entrys in and then not even be able to search for who...

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    Started by Pcobb811

  • Power adders for 2014 - 2016 5.3 L Silverados

    Could you do a program possibly consisting of two or three parts showing the addition of cold air intake, nitrous oxide injection, Edelbrock...

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    Started by brucebennett