It has a 6 cylinder. Would it be difficult to put a mopar 383 in Demon?
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Other than motor mounts are different it will settle right down in there.
Pay attention to your differential as it may not be beefy enough for it.
A 440cid went right into my 71 Dart and the rear was destroyed the instant I hit it  lol
Good time for new brakes also.
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Have fun.
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A better plan would be to take the Demon to a junker. What you have is a piece of crap, which is the hallmark of all the shite which came out of Detroit.
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Well you probably drive a yugo, I hope it has a rear window defroster so it will keep your hands warm when your pushing it.
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You are being silly. You push it on the bumper, not the rear window.
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In the late 60's, Chrysler actually factory installed big blocks in a few of the Valiant/Dart based cars. Maintenance was a bear, steering was a bear, keeping the rest of the drivetrain was a bear and they were only good for straight line runs down the drag strip. With modern technology, you can get a healthy small block that will pull as well as the old BB Mopars. you'll be able to steer it too.
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My '72 Demon a "G" code car. Changed out the "K" member from the sand mounts to the spool mounts . Most folks want you to remove the the lighter based LA V-8 torsion bars for the beefier bbm torsion bars when slant 6 bars will do just as good a job.
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My cousin and I installed one in his 71 Demon 30 years ago. His had a 318 in it to start, I cut the mounts off the K and fab'd a set using all of the parts. Only thing we bought was a set of fender well headers. This was a 4spd car, so a bell swap was all we needed there. It had an 8 3/4 rear with 3.55's and a posi, 742 housing if I remember correctly. A set of slapper bars with a few shims under the driver side snubber and it launched like a rocket. We left the LA torsion bars in, just added a few cranks. It did sit a little low in the nose with the butt sticking up, but that was cool back then. Drove it for years, only thing we had issues with was the small u-joints and the pinion u-joint straps tearing off at the bolts. We kept a few sets of straps and bolts, and a few spare u-joints in the trunk. Never lost one on the launch, but would shoot the drive shaft out the back on a hard shift into second.
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