I have a 49 Buick Sedan with a Duell Carb Staight 8, 3 on the Tree, are these motors worthy to re-build or are they fickle and weak.
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When first introduced, they were state of the art. If you're restoring the car, you want to rebuild it. While they didn't have much in the way of horsepower, they did pretty well with torque. Keep in mind that in the 1950's when V-8's were coming onto the market, the Hudson Hornets with Twin H power dominated NASCAR. The larger bore on the flat head 6 bangers put out great torque. 

If you're going the street machine route, the sky is the limit. Personally, I'd stay with the straight engine just for appearances. Some of the older engines just look good. Early Hemi engines, straight 6's and 8's, long ram V-8's and so on.
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