can you do a short 5 minutes  about marine engines .  not outboards or small craft, but big ships , I know that some are rated at 100,000 HP.  Your viewers might like it .      thank you   Patrick Renshaw  US Navy CS3 (SS) .
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It will never happen. All the idiot hosts and producers of Engine Power have no interest in learning or teaching us about anything more than swapping cam, adding a turbo or supercharger or installing an exhaust.  That's why every show is pretty much exactly the same, only the engine and current sponsors are different.
 It's like those golf magazines. Every year they have stories iike "Guaranteed easy way to cure your  slice (hook)."  If any of it worked they wouldn't have to publish it every year or - like in the case of Engine Power- they just recycle old ideas over and over. BOriNG
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