Why is there so much focus so much on big displacement engines with these projects.

This car would be great as a small displacement high horsepower build. High rpms, high end HP and decent torque. The car is small, light and it doesn't seem to flow with such a big engine.

Sticking a Windsor engine in that car, it doesn't makes sense to me.

Does anyone else feel this? What would you do?
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Well a Windsor is a "Small Block" ....are you thinking like a turbo 2.4 ?  oh wait Ford did that...
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Who manufactured that porta power tool that was blue and yellow that you used to jack the radiator support back in place????  You advertise every other product you use then you show us that and don't tell us who makes it and the resto of the tools capabilities.  Hello, 
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No re-placement for dis-placement. And stroker kits are nearly as cheap as stockers anymore, so going big is a no-brainer. The days of the old 5.0 are gone. I had a 73 Road Runner (in 1984) with a balanced 340 loaded with DirectConnection parts, 4spd and 3.55 gears. With that baby turning 7500rpm I ruled the streets of my small town for about 2 years. Then a guy built a 68 Cuda fastback with a stout 440 and a 727TF , then a guy had a 81 camaro with a 6-71 blown 454. I was old news around town with my little engine at that point.
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