What do you think is Gannon Pritchard's problem votes

 Uneducated 1 vote
 Generally low IQ 1 vote
 Mental problems 1 vote
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This week's Power Nation SomeDays is hilarious. First Gannon says he takes the side of the motorcyclist over the car driver because he rides a bike. Like I should take the side of any black driver because I'm Afro-American

But the best was how he pronounced "Route 66". Has he never heard the song? Is it "Get your kicks on
R-OUT 66".

I guess that Nat King Cole,yBing Crosby Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, Them, Dr. Feelgood, Asleep at the Wheel, the Manhattan Transfer, Depeche Mode, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Pappo, The Cramps, John Mayer,[4] and George Benson all got it wrong.



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