My favorite show !!! 329_0278_resized.JPG 
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I can see from the pics that you are into old pieces of crap made in the day when engineering and quality were virtually unheard of. But the designs are consitent. Old and ugly. Probably reminds you of your mother.
You can call it aggressive Maneuvering but you can't spell it.  Normal people call it a personality disorder bordering on mental illness.  Enjoy you ugly cars.
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The Exorcist
Nice cars tommycoker & chadamos!
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I thought Nekko got banned.
Honk if you love Jesus.
Text if you want to meet him.
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The Exorcist
paulmarkham wrote:
I thought Nekko got banned.

As far as I know, he did, that's likely just one of his posts they missed deleting.
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