I spent the time registering on this forum to try and get the attention of the network to say I'm done.  After YEARS of watching Horsepower, Powerblock and Power Nation the content is miniscule compared to commercial time.  The content used to be informative but now is repetitive (probably because the viewer has forgotten what he viewed because of watching a very long list of commercials).  Did I mention commercials?  Unbearable!  I understand bills need to be paid but the amount of commercials makes the shows a challenge to enjoy.  Even if I pvr the shows it still takes forever to skip through the commercials.  Did I mention TOO MANY COMMERCIALS?
Good by Paramount Network!
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John L.
I totally agree.  I realize the need for commercials also, but the commercials seem to be excessive.  It is hard to get into the shows when they seem to always be going to commercials.
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You have lost relevance with many viewers due to lost hosts, way too much emphasis on HIGH-DOLLAR builds, and oh yeh COMMERCIALS.  I realize that many items used in the show are donated by advertisers and they want a return on investment   ....but maybe a little restraint or just more "LUMPING TOGETHER" of ads in blocks!!!!
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How relevant to the average gearhead and probably the majority of viewers, are the cars and the money spent on them to the middle income viewers? How many builders actually throw away a good frame and suspension in favor of an Art Morrison frame and suspension tuned for auto cross? How many people buy a $10,000+ crate engine and add a big turbo charger, intercooler, etc., etc., etc.,? And then there's the no amount of expense spared for new body panels and, a complete aftermarket interior? There's not really a lot to learn from this other than it's hopeless to try and do it yourself without having an income well into triple digits.
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