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Little old lady from...Newburgh.
LOL! Great story Paul!
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'73 Malibu
Nice Malibu Jeff!
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Love the classics!
paulmarkham wrote: I thought Nekko got banned.
As far as I know, he did, that's likely just one of his posts they missed deleting.
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Katie Osborne fan club.
paulmarkham, I think Katie is doing a great job too.
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Jeep yj pre cleaner snorkel
Cool! It turned out great!
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How do you report troublemakers?
HemiPriest wrote:

Strange, basically the same thing I said with different words. 

Yes, it pretty much is the same thing. If two of us ask maybe we will get a quicker response. [wink]
It's what I had in mind before I ever saw your post, and I wanted to let them know that I have prior experience if they ever need any help policing the forums. 
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347 stroker and procharger
blakeflannery wrote: I am wanting to build a 347 stroker with as much horsepower as possible, later  (about a year later) I plan to put a procharger on. Will the block be able to handle the power? What  kind of things should I consider before the build? I plan to put this motor in my 1994 ford Mustang gt convertable. The previous owner changed the transmission from automatic to 5 speed manual, it makes driving so much more fun.

Blake, if you get close to 500 HP you will need a Boss 302 or another aftermarket block. The thin casting technique used on the factory 5.0/302 engines leaves them very weak and they will break if you "put the pressure" to them. And remember, tuning is very important on any boosted engine to keep them from self-destructing.
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Sorry, I don't have any recent photos and most of my old ones were lost in an HDD crash.

I have two Mustangs, one is a 1986 GT and the other is a 1989 GT Convertible. I'll try to add pics when I get some.
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richardvera wrote: When it comes to building street legal 4X4's, it's either a Super Duty, Tundra or new Chevy. But the bulk of people can't afford to buy a new truck just to rebuild it. We buy older vehicles and rebuilding them. My project is a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger Prospector 4X4. 

Awesome! Those older trucks can be just as much if not more fun to build and drive.
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Jeep yj pre cleaner snorkel
staceyculpepper wrote: any ideas on building an pre-cleaner snorkel from H1 intake cover for a yj with the 4.0?

Maybe post a picture of the cover so people have a better idea of what it is you wish to do?
The snorkel could be built from PVC pipe and painted to your chosen color. That would make it light and easy to fab up.
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Love the classics!
Nice cars tommycoker & chadamos!
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Red Ram
David Wayne Kelly wrote: Guy's I have had a 1963 Dodge Dart GT for several years now and it has a slant 6 225cid but I was thinking about the old school red ram hemi so far hard to find what are your thoughts  I'm going put a V-8 in it regardless is that a hard swap in this car ? 

Thank you

Sorry David, I don't know much about Mopars, but from what I have read on a few Mopar engine swaps, I don't think it will be terribly difficult. 
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Font adjustments
Paul P wrote: How to you change the font size? I copied a quote into the page I was writing and the rest of the post was the smaller font.

Just paste your copied text into the text box then hit the "Clear Formatting" button at the top left of the text box formatting options. That should reduce any oversized text you pasted into the text box and make it the same size as what you type in. You may have to select the oversized/undersized text before hitting the button. 
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How do you report troublemakers?
pnadmin wrote: HI all, Nekko has been banned. We're working through going and deleting his posts now. 

Thank you pnadmin!, Now how do we report the next one, because as a longtime user/owner/operator of forums I know there will be more?
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How do you report troublemakers?
There's a member named "nekko" that is posting negative and insulting comments all over the forums.

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