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Building a new Chevy 302 getting the most hp out of it .
Kudos on thinking about the legendary 302 Chevy, but this engine was only built because SCCA allowed a max engine size of 305ci., believe me if Chevy could have gone bigger they would have. Hot rodders had been building this engine for years by boring their 283 >125" and calling it a 301. This said in the day in race tune these with the wild Xram manifold could produce over 450hp. This was a high winding motor which had poor low end torque but worked well in a Trans Am race series Camaro. Today it is possible to build a 350 much cheaper and much easier to street drive, an engine with low bottom end torque will require a deep 1st gear and a good OD ratio. True an Xram Small Block will look wild at the cruise nite but will take a dedicated Rodder to drive on a daily basis. The same intake on a 350 would look as good and actualy could not visually be told from the 302,but you would really feel it from the drivers seat. If you just want to build a crazy Small Block look up an old Hot Rod Magazine story called "The 350 Chevy Should Have Built", a bog bore, short stroke, long rod, 87 Octane friendly 350ci Gen 1 Small Block that made awesome HP. Whatever you do give it a lot of thought, consider your budget and go as wild as you want. Hot Rodding is about building what YOU want. Lots on Luck on your project
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