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    by mtwallet: I'd like to see some new ideas for the TV crews to work on. Chevys and Turbo kits and new suspensions, frankly are getting old. Since this is...

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    Started by mtwallet

  • BBQ & Burnouts

    by pnadmin: What you think of Engine Power's BBQ Burnout event and what type of vehicle you would bring if you were participating in it?

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    Started by pnadmin

  • Katie Osborne fan club.

    by paulmarkham: I was rather disappointed when Courtney Hansen left the Powerblock. Katie Osborne is a great replacement. She was a wonderful screen presence and is...

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    Started by paulmarkham

  • Forum

    by brianschulbaum: New forum?

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    Started by brianschulbaum

  • Hello all

    by thomasalvarado: I got am ail to join the forum, i havent worked on anything in years bit backround was mudracing and just basic chevy small block and big block cam...

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    Started by thomasalvarado

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