• We're Moving!

    Hi Viewers - be sure and tune in to History Channel Sunday, January 13th for the all-new 2019 season at 7am ET! You can find more info and the...

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    Started by pnadmin

  • New Exhaust

    I am looking at customizing the exhaust on a 2001 Ford Ranger 2.3L. I was wondering if I could put true duals on it without changing the sound or...

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    Started by bruce.simonson875

  • New Tire Size

    Hi. I am looking at getting a new set of tires on my 2001 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD. I was planning on getting some BF Goodrich AT KO2s, but I do not know...

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    Started by bruce.simonson875


    watching off road this morning cut exhaust under jeep instead of out the side. cold or rainy weather with windows closed could cause carbon monoxide...

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    Started by chuckkincade

  • roku the red headed step child

    haven't seen a new episode since I had to buy a subscription. paided for in good faith to be treated like this. pull your heads out get your s***...

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    Started by wildride59

  • 0500

    Just checked the TV guide. Nothin. Google PN website Sched Convert for timezones You expect me to get up at freakin 05? On a Sunday? We wake up...

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    Started by ThatGreaseMonkey

  • Good Bye!

    I have watched you show from near day one. Now all of Canada is cut off except for your $50 subscription plus 40% for us to buy $USD so that's $70...

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    Started by NorthNeighbours

  • Viewing power nation shows

    Hi all My first post here Can anyone tell me how to view the 4 shows now I have not missed a weekend show since the begining days of the tnn...

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    Started by Canadian gearhead

  • Carguy

    Why can't we get the shows in Canada. PLEASE I am having withdrawal symptoms

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    Started by Carguy

  • Overuse of the word "utilize."

    Tell your writers that it ok nay even preferable to use the word "use" rather that the over used "utilize." Yeah, sounds more...

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    Started by 56F100

  • Are you trying to go out of business

    I was a constant watcher of the show until you guys started charging money for it now I will not be watching any of your shows please anybody else...

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    Started by Ftoy

  • New Episodes??

    When will we start seeing new episodes for Truck Tech and Engine Power?

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    Started by Napalm

  • Advertising during episode

    What’s up with the advertising taking up half the screen during the episode?

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    Started by V8only

  • More Interesting

    To the Administrator, have you considered making the forum more interesting? When I signed up, I expected to hear more from the hosts of the shows...

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    Started by John L.

  • AppleTv/Roku app inoperable

    How can you guys be so incompetent in launching an app. I have been a fan of the shows, but your digital delivery is horrific. There is no good way...

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    Started by vinnyjimmyfalcone

  • Story Request RE: Challenger Hellcat REDEYE

    I read about the 797HP Hellcat REDEYE in the Oct MOPAR ACTION mag. It appears this MOPAR sponsored one-off car has been tearing up the timed racing...

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    Started by CZFAN

  • Goodbye Bandit.

    I knew Burt Reynolds was in poor health for a long time. His passing this last week brought back memories of the movies he made. I nearly lost my...

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    Started by cosmicfrog

  • PN+

    wtf? I enjoyed waking up on sat/sun and watching a new episode.

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    Started by lagunacomputer

  • Stupid Music

    Please get rid of the stupid annoying background music on the shows. I love the shows but I can’t even watch at times because the music is so...

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    Started by 1391mustang

  • Professionalism

    You guys need to learn to use the correct tense of the word RUN. If you run something, it is now or today. If you ran something it was sometime...

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    Started by Bamafan

  • No Content?

    I'm getting pretty fed up with checking out the website only to find there is nothing new to watch. Even Power Nation DAILY hasn't changed in two...

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Paralyzed trying 2 contact shows??

    Hello, I am paralyzed from the shoulders down and have an insanely unsafe wheelchair van. I've got crazy stories from how I became paralyzed and many...

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    Started by derecklockwood

  • C6 Corvettes

    I am one of your Canadian viewers and enjoy the programs a lot. I was wonder why you never show any builds or work on any of Chevy's flag ship, the...

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    Started by Zeddy

  • Motorweek Blunder

    Used to watch Motorweek online as well as Powernation. But now the PUBLIC FUNDED bunch of dickies have removed all video content from the website. If...

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Electric harness replacement/repair.

    Does anyone know where I can get a wiring harness reconditioned / repair/ replacement for a 96 Dodge Ram 1500

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    Started by Knucjac