• Computer Tuning, HP Tuners, and Street Outlaws

    Does anyone know how to diagnose a drivability problem with a different computer tune? From what I understand, the computer diagnostics are...

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    Started by John L.

  • 1993 Ford F150 Trouble

    So, I bought this truck, and it had a few things wrong with it that I knew I could fix. Needed a new steering pump, needed new tires, a good fuel...

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    Started by Kirkland_Eaton06

  • HEI coils keep burning out instantly.

    I have a small block Chevy 350. Non-computerized. Edelbrock carburetor and intake. HEI distributor. Just put a new intake on. A new distributor. Also...

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    Started by badtiming

  • Battery Drain

    It seems like my battery only drains the more I drive it. Got a new battery, Alt. and cables and the belt is tight. I can't drive more than a half of...

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    Started by petelahr

  • Shortage

    on a later model General Motors vehicle what would cause a short to ground on the fuel pump and sending unit? Or where would I possibly find it?

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    Started by larrythomas