• Anyone gonna buy one for your home garage?

    Another relevant segment on XOR. He needs to drill some holes into a steel plate bumper, so he takes it over to his handy Edwards Ironworker...

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Anyone Getting Tired?

    Just wondering if any you share my opinions. I have included a poll. Hopefully PN will take it to heart. 1 There is just way too much advertising....

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Where are the videos/news?

    On PowerNation Daily Gannon says for more info check out Powernationtv. But when I come here I can't find any links to the stories he has covered. ...

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    Started by 2018Vette

  • Super Power Durability?

    Ok, the horsepower they are getting out of some of the flagship cars like the Demon, Viper, Corvette, etc are impressive, but do we have any...

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    Started by Narwal

  • 69 Roadrunner

    383, bored 40 over, with a mild cam... nothing extreme, but a good driver.

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    Started by chadamos

  • Front end transplant

    Does anyone have experience with putting a modern ( mustang 2) type front end under a '39 LaSalle? It desparately needs an upgrade in steering and...

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    Started by Tom Brace

  • Lightweight parts for BIG street horsepower

    All these hot Pro Touring cars are cool, but I want to approach it from another direction. It's cool that folks can build 3500 lb. street touring...

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    Started by randyhagan

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