SCJ Sean
I have a 1970 J Code (not a SCJ) this is a 82k original car except for a backyard redneck paint job back in the 80’s my goal is to increase the stock 375 horsepower to almost doublet that but keeping a totally stock show worthy appearance. Would love to do a show around that idea! EAA8F1A4-4E96-443C-8EDD-9AFE1A1C751F.png  F341F4B7-6CD2-4E6F-A0E6-CF54859FD2F2.jpeg  3C65C2E3-E011-478B-8652-5F509F743547.jpeg  E902D8D4-55EC-4B1E-A55D-83A632547FD7.jpeg  3221F417-66B0-4CCC-9808-431474E0985A.jpeg  E2B7D181-EB68-48A4-95F1-782C367C17E5.jpeg 
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