While this truck isn't my own, this picture is a near perfect match for the 1990 Suburban that I used to have.
I've been missing my truck a lot lately though, and thinking about looking for one of these beasts again.

Do you have a 7th gen 'Burban? What have you done to it? Or, what would you do?

I know the long wheelbase is not ideal for some off-road uses. I used to use mine for logging, so I was mostly pulling a trailer and rear end full of tree rounds. I did take it out to some fields to mob around in the mud and sagebrush, and the stock rig was an animal.

Ours died in terribly embarrassing fashion. My mom was driving it, and got into a rear-end collision with a little Nissan pickup. Battered the Suburban - bent hood, broken motor mount, broken grill, etc -- just bent up the rear bumper of the Nissan a little bit. The truck body and motor mount got repaired, but it never ran right after that and we ended up having to get rid of it (this was about 18 years ago, when I had nowhere near the means/knowledge to keep the truck and fix it up right).

I've rented a couple of 2019 Suburbans in the last year, and they're really making me miss my truck. Aside from creature comforts and fuel economy, it was just like driving my 1990 'Burban again. So now the hunt commences!
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