Is there too much advertising and/or no real information for builders? vote

 Too much advertising 1 votes
 Not enough info for builders 0 votes
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Just wondering if any you share my opinions. I have included a poll. Hopefully PN will take it to heart.

1 There is just way too much advertising. The show content is full of plugs and placements, then on top of that we have to endure more ads which interrupt the show. It's just too much time to waste for little return.And the "Tech Tips" are just 4 minute commercials. We all know how to use WD40 and all the other penetrating sprays. Get over it!

2 Content. Where is it? I haven't seen anything really new or interesting in years. Must have seen 1000 camshafts being slid into the block, and it's the same for just about everything on every show. How many more times do we have to watch sheet metal being cut, shocks getting replaced, a pre-fab carpet being laid down, etc. etc. 
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Not a very good poll. You're supposed to have both sides of a question. Not self serving positions to make a point without research. Granted, most of the equipment is well beyond the average builders budget. I ignore the ads as they don't pertain to me and they pay for the shows. Would you rather go back to the 1950's and early 60's when the ads were shown near the end of a show. right as the show would get to the good point and you were hooked, you were socked with 5 to 8 minutes of ads on a 30 minute show.
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John L.
I have to agree with cosmicfrog about it not being a good poll even though I voted and I think that there is too much advertising.  I usually flip channels when the advertising comes on.  I am not disappointed with the content though.
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