Have 96 ram1500. Used a ssb conversion kit. Brakes work but pedal still feels spongy. No leaks and get fluid when bleeding brakes. Upgrading to a GM master cylinder is suggested but haven’t done it yet. Also the rear wheels have ABS so I’m guessing there’s no way to bypass them and pass inspection. The block with the brake flex hose has a tube connected to it I’m guessing for pressure regulating. Bit off more than I can chew maybe butt don’t want to give up. Any suggestions 
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First off, make certain you have a left and right caliper on the front and that they are on the correct side. If you have the left on the right side, you will never get the air out. I've seen experienced mechanics get in a rush and mix them up. The caliper sits at an angle and the bleeder valve has to be at the top. I have also seen bad rear wheel cylinders feel spongy too. 
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also check flex hoses.....if they are soft the hoses flex and pedal feels soft
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If you switch to braided stainless lines that run from the caliper to the hardline on the chassis it should help with the sponginess feeling 
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Sometimes a faulty brake booster can make the brake spongy.
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