I thought I'd slip something different in here.  My aging knees couldn't keep using the BMW clutch. A kid wanted to swap his Cadillac for the BMW. It's a 2000 Cadillac Escalade. I suspect a head gasket issue as it does use coolant. Not much though so I'll pull it apart come spring. I put some dye in the cooling system in case it's a fitting. The kid had tried to keep putting coolant in it and it was puking it out. A $9 fitting cured the leak.

Quite possibly the most bad a$$ Cadillac you will see. We have a lot of Deer around here so a grill guard is in the plans and I'm thinking of maybe a snorkel kit, just to be contrary.

1008181619.jpg  1008181619a.jpg 
   So far, I've had it up on a tree farm my family owns and it fits just fine down some access trails. The Firestone Discoverer MT2's really bite. I think the previous owner worked at a tire store and got a good deal as the local dealer said the tires would cost me between $1000 and $1800. I'm almost wanting it to snow a couple of feet of snow. (Almost, but not quite.)
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