I have a set of factory 5 slot chrome steel wheels for my 1979 Dodge W150. I need to find someone to re-plate them. They are a one piece 15x8 wheel. I am trying to restore it back to it's original look, but I can't seem to find anyone to do them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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John L.
I thought that I saw a PowerNation show about chrome plating.  I went to and searched for "chrome plating".  Below is what I found.

Advanced Plating in Nashville, TN.
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If you're sure they're steel wheels, NOT BENT or damaged, and the chrome is just peeling or blistered, you might want to get them sandblasted before presenting them to a plater.  Once you have them perfectly clean, I'd think anyplace that does chrome plating would be happy to take on the job.  But first, do a Google search for chrome plating businesses in your area, and then phone calls should get you a good estimate of the cost with and without doing the sandblasting ahead of time. Call all you find, and look for reviews.  It's not going to be especially cheap regardless, so try not to act too shocked. 😉  Oh, in most larger cities, there are places that specialize in wheels, so you might want to check into that as well, especially if there's ANY damage to any of them.
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