John L.
Does anyone know how to diagnose a drivability problem with a different computer tune?  From what I understand, the computer diagnostics are different when a custom tune is used and some diagnostics are eliminated.  I have a "shuddering" problem that comes and goes that I think is coming from the transmission.  I have had some transmission solenoids replaced, but that did not solve the problem.  I have read that the Throttle Position Sensor can cause this also.  The sensor was replaced and it did not solve the problem.

My tuner has moved out-of-state and it is hard to tell who knows what they are doing when it comes to computer tuning.  My computer was tuned with HP Tuners.  I understand that the software has a data logging feature, but I don't know if it is enough to send to a tuner to diagnose a problem.  That is if there was an economical way to create the log file.  HP Tuners has a neat new tool that attaches to the diagnostic port that reads diagnostic codes, but it cost $300.  It looks like it does data logging with a laptop (which I don't have).  There is also supposed to be a data logging feature that can be done to the tool, but it is not available yet and cost even more.  I have a diagnostic tool that I think I paid $80 for and it covers more vehicles.

Has anyone seen the TV show Street Outlaws?  They are shown a lot tuning their cars.  Does anyone know if their tuning is as involved as tuning a "factory" car?
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