I have been a Power Nation fan and more specifically a Musclecar/Detroit Muscle fan since the beginning. The hosts over the years have had their quirks and most of them you come to either accept or love. However the last two hosts have been awful. Mank was a train wreck and Mark is worse. With Mank, I at least believed that he was technically competent. With Mark, I am not so sure, not to mention it is brutally clear that the production staff and director are coaching him off camera consistently. In most of his segments when he is alone his dialog is stilted and not natural. You in many cases can literally see him pantomiming what someone off screen is doing. None of his segments come off as genuine and ultimately ruin the over all production. I have come to expect much more from this show and it is frustrating as a subscriber to be paying for something that does not meet expectations based on previous performance.   

If that was not enough, it is clear that someone at a decision making level has made sure that Tommy is relegated to the background. They won't permit him to be him self and prioritized Mark. I have been subjected to Mark's boring sidewinder build ad-nausium. Every now an again we get a small segment on Tommy's build. Whats worse is that Mark thinks that his Mustang is something awesome, it is not. I have nothing against fox body Mustangs and in a previous show Tommy did one as well called Dark Horse. Mark basically put very little thought into this project and has subjected everyone to his tedious catalog build.

Tommy has carried this show ever since he started. He made Rick Bacon look good.. That is saying something. He has consistently made Musclecar/Detroit Muscle excellent to watch. The only reason I am still a subscriber is because every now and again I get to see the old Tommy. He is the core of this show and needs to be given free reign. Mark should be terminated and a suitable replacement found as soon as possible.  

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even though I stopped watching the weekly program, I still get notices for new topics. Seems as though things have only gotten worse. I was sick and tired of catalogue builds that would cost so much that the builds were unreasonable to the average home garage builder. What really ended my watching was the faux patina  on a Fox body...WTF!
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