Adam Horch
My freind just give me a ford bronco the engine is bad but i do have a running 318 engine i was wanting to know if i could put the 318 in the ford frame and if its possible to where can i ger the mounts or will i have to make the mounts 
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You'll have to fabricate your own mounts as well as either use a Torqueflite transmission or make an adaptor to mount to the Ford transmission. Usually, it's easier to use a transmission that matches the engine than make an adaptor plate. If it was a Chevy small block, there are all kinds of adaptors out for that. Over the long run, it would probably be easier to get a Ford engine to go in it. A lot depends on what was in it originally and what year you have. Pre-fuel injection is fairly easy.
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try to trade the 318 for a replacement engine at your local dismantlers.  straight forward and easy.  save your funds for new maintenance parts and keep dependability.....jus'sayin.....I'm an old guy and have done it both wayss
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