Tom Brace
Does anyone have experience with putting a modern ( mustang 2) type front end under a '39 LaSalle? It desparately needs an upgrade in steering and brakes. What needs to go in order to fit a new one in there? Plus a new column has to go in, too. Who has parts?
T L Brace
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You need to check out for what you're looking for. I'm having to mix and match front end pieces to fit an old Jaguar E Type hot rod that I'm building and spoke with their tech support. While they didn't have anything that would fit what I was doing, I did find them to be very helpful as well as knowledgeable. They do have brand new front end kits that go from the most basic to complete front ends with everything from shocks to a multiple assortment of brake options and more.
You can also take a quick look at some of their front ends on Summit's website. Just search for Mustang front ends on their site.

I wish you success!

Ed Niel
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The Exorcist
Tom, you might also want to check out Chris Alston's ChassisWorks and many others to get the best prices.
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If your in the North East, try .  He's an outstanding guy and does quality work. I haven't used him in years, but he's still at it last I checked. He did the chassis for the NAPA S-10 build on Overhaulin years back. 
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