How many of you are aware of the Gambler 500?

It's an off-road trash cleanup event, using cheap/impractical cars modified (like, a lifted Nissan Sentra with a blow-up doll on the roof, a snorkel, and a skid-plate made out of a metal camper door - that sort of thing) to get thrown around on trails they don't belong on, while cleaning up trash/tires/etc left by others on public land.

It started just a few years ago in my home state of Oregon (the event is now known as the OG500, and has around 2500-3000 participants), but there are now Gambler events across the country (and they even went to Iceland earlier this year). 

I haven't been to a Gambler event myself yet, but I'm the online organizer for a Gamblers in Training group on Facebook, as well as my local Portland-Metro Gamblers group on Facebook.

It's basically burning man for eclectic gear heads, except much cleaner.

There are a ton of Gambler 500 groups on Facebook, you can easily find one in your region.

#ABG (Always Be Gambling)

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