John L.
I have used a bunch of different products in my build and wanted to vent / inform about 3 companies that I had problems with and would probably not use again.

First is GM Performance Parts.  I bought a crate engine, computer, and wiring harness from them.  For the engine, I had ring land break.  In my opinion there was no reason for the break.  I hardly drove the car, so I was out of time for any warranty.  My mechanic was telling me that they had a GMPP crate engine in a car they were working on.  There was something about some top end damage.  Like my car, this other car was not a daily driver and was out of warranty.  The other thing is the computer went bad.  The computer was not one out of a "stock" vehicle, but appeared to be a modified version of a Camaro / Firebird one.  I was told that GM is able to repair computers, but could not fix the modified version and no longer sold the computer.  Making the "stock" computer work with my car would have been too much of a headache, so I had to go with a newer "stock" computer and new wiring harness.  GMPP should have used a stock computer.

Second is Moser.  Not long after I got the 9", the axle seals had to be replaced.  They were replaced with "stock" 9" seals which the quality appeared to be a lot better.  Then the differential went.  I got the impression that it was not that good in the first place.  I went with an Auburn Pro differential and have not had any problems even though I lost the ABS sensor.

Last is Dynatech headers.  There was an emissions "pipe" that was welded on that was not used or had anything connected to it that fell off.  I contacted Dynatech even though the headers were out of warranty.  The only thing they were willing to do was weld a piece of metal in the opening not pay for removal, shipping, or coat (I had the headers ceramic coated) the new welded piece.  I realize that the headers were out of warranty, but I figured that a good company would stand by something that should have never fallen off in the first place.
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