love this show. Jeramy and LT seem like regular dudes working in a shop that happens to have a camera crew. 
Keep up the good work with this show PN. 
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I agree they do an excellent job. Wasn’t a fan at first but have come to think they’re as good as the “muscle” crew. Those two are as good as it gets.
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Completely agree, Jeremy and LT work very well together, and do excellent work on top of it. I rate them right up there with the best original Power Nation Team who are still at it with their own show, Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman. Each have the needed skills and experience to fill all the gaps, and the work turns out as close to perfect as it can get, every time.  I can't wait to see that ol' '32 Ford PU Hot Rod finished with it's new, greatly refined look, and hear that perfectly chosen Buick Nailhead percolatin' along the highway... Wish I could afford to buy it when it's done, plus I need a cool pickup, anyway!  Good job guys, every new show is a real treat! 😎
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