We come from an all Toyota family, presently a Camry, a RAV 4, 3 Corollas, plus a history of Toyota products in the past. Basically, not the prettiest vehicles in the world, but certainly the best constructed, best engineered, and definitely the most reliable vehicles out there. Also a very good resale value, due to these attributes. There are many aftermarket products out there to dress up your Toyota, starting with wheels, and going all the way up to horsepower makers. I prefer mild custom touches, my 2010 Corolla has extra red LED lights installed where the reflectors used to be in the rear bumper, chrome door handle covers, and mags on all for wheels. You would be surprised as to how many fellow Corolla owners notice this stuff. And all for just a few hundred bucks!
Let's here from the rest of you Toyoterers and Toyoterettes!
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same here in the past a corolla,previa,camry and now a sienna,highlander, matrix and a celica gts. all have been dependable and easy to work on. Close to half a million miles combined and all still daily driven. would love an frs with a v8 conversion..
2zz is the way to be..
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