Paul P
Just thought I would start this new post since I just had inquired about a hydramat for my Chevelle with an A1000 fuel pump for an HP EFI system. The pump and system requirements are -10AN minimum feed from the tank to the pump. I have a 15 gallon Harwood cell with foam inside and wanted to buy a 15"x 15" hydramat with a -10AN fitting to place at the bottom under the foam. Anything down near a 1/4 tank gets dicey fuel pickup wise if I take a hard corner or brake hard with the fittings located at the back of the cell at the bottom. They of course don't make one. I sent an email request to Holley and the response was:

" Unfortunately we do not do custom setups for the HydraMat system. Sorry for any inconvenience"

So they make these very expensive hydramats but do not support their own fuel systems alternate configurations. I didn't ask for an odd shape just the square with a -10AN fitting in the middle. The 1/2 NTP fitting is too small and using an adapter would just make things worse flow wise. I just don't understand the logic. Seems to me that customer demand would dictate some of this. Maybe they are just so expensive that there is no real demand.

Thoughts anyone?


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