I have a 350ci SBC 
Has Aluminum Canfield Heads
11:1 compression
Single plane Intake
Proform 850 Carb
Large, solid lift camshaft .620/.595 301/380 with 1.7/1.6 rockers

TH400 4000 stall (new)

Idles rather high which is to be expected, 1300/1400 but drops instantly down to 800-900 once brought back into gear making it a chore to drive. 

Have tried idling higher to around 1700, better but still falls to a point where the engine struggles to run.

We locked timing at 36 degrees got better and continues to get better the more timing we introduce. we are currently at 46 degrees, which makes me nervous, 

Engine is still easy to start even while hot @46 degrees.

Any help would be appreciated.
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