I'm collecting parts to build a flyweight hot rod, and looking for ideas on what to use for a light, sturdy rear end.

There are lots of 7.5-inch 10-bolt rear ends around my parts, under scrapped S-10s and '80s GM passenger cars. My goal is to have something that can stand 3000-3500 rpm launches on 4.11 gears and sticky street tires all weekend long, then drive home for regular weekly driver duty. I don't mind spending (a little) money to make a lightweight, sturdy rear work. But light and sturdy are the goals, because I can probably only afford to do this once.

Is a 7.5 10-bolt a good idea? Is there a better one that I'm overlooking?
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No.I would think you'd be better off with the 12 bolt. I prefer a 9" Ford with 31 spline axles. I'm using a 9"HD with 31 spine.Don't want to take any chances!
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