Back in '73, a buddy and I was headed to a party on the west side of town. There were two lights that were popular with racers to use as start lights. We were sitting at one when an older woman in a blue, 1965 or '66 Chevy Biscayne 4 door sedan pulled up next to us. She raced her engine a few times to challenge my buddy to a race. He was running a '69 Cougar he bought with a grenaded engine. He was running a 351W that had some machine work done and it was backed up by an  FMX transmission. It was quick to say the least. 

The light turned green and we went. She pulled ahead and left twin stripes. Each time she grabbed a gear, the car would jack up on the suspension. When we got the the next light. He put the shifter in first to use the shift kit. The light turned green and she possibly beat him worse than the first time. He mentioned that maybe we shouldn't say anything to anyone about that. Of course I told everybody at school the next Monday. :-)

The following summer while I was trying to figure out what I was going to do after school, I was up at Chandler Raceway east of town. There was the blue Chevy running in the ET class. I started talking to the driver. I asked him what he was running. He had a 427, with a TH400 that had a shift kit. 3.90 rear with positrac. I mentioned the race we'd been in with it. He got an odd look on his face. He had done two tours in Vietnam and built the car when he got home. He was still in the Reserves and when he was off for his two weeks, the car acquired some new miles. About 800 of them. It seems his mother would go looking for kids to terrorize while he was gone.
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What a great story. Just proves that street racing is a hereditary mental illness. Or just seriously low IQ. Mom and son idiots. How redneck cute!
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LOL! Great story Paul!
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The story gets better and funnier later She gets her own musclecar and stuffs an LS into it which makes over 1000 hp with a turbo and nitrous boost. One day as she is out "terrorizing kids" she gets into a drag race from a stop sign. The kid ALMOST had her beat until she sprayed it. Tne car took off like a bat out of hell. Too bad a bunch of mothers pushing babies in strollers were crossing the road when she barreled into them killing 2 women and 3 babies. There was some serious front end damage and the windshield was smashed as a baby flew through it.
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