Will you get back on TV on Sunday?  Spike is NO More so where will you BE on Sunday's?
BTW.. What is the timing for NEW SHOW Segments?
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where do i go on his site to find an answer to Longrider's question?  
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Good question !!!!!! Been watching ever since you started on TV . Where do we go now ? 
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We are still on Sunday mornings on Paramount (formerly Spike) at the same 9am ET time slot. You can find all the shows schedules here:  http://www.powernationtv.com/schedule/ 
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John L.
Any chance of getting more shows on NBCSN?  Comcast took Spike/Paramount from my channel availability and I don't get the CBS Sports Network.  NBCSN only has 2 shows and it is on 1 AM on Saturday.
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