I've had many vehicles through the years. Not many motorcycles but the times I've tried to count all the cars and trucks that I drove on the road (not counting parts cars) I kept forgetting cars. I've had somewhere around 250-300. I currently have 2 cars, one SUV and one pickup. One I miss, and I'll bet would get attention on the show was a 1952 B-3-PW. There's another show out there that built a similar truck but it was actually a pre-war Dodge WC. This one was an actual Dodge M series Power Wagon. 


I owned it for three years and put maybe 200 miles on it in that time. With 5.88 gears, it would run all day at 30 mph. At 35 it began to make some bad noises and at 40 it was close to throwing a piston. It had been converted to 12 volts and non-split rim wheels were added as I've seen guys get caught when a split rim blew. I had one go on me once while I had it on slow air up. A girlfriend was in the hospital and running up huge bills so I put it on the internet for sale and within 72 hours, it was on it's way to Ohio.
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