Love the app on roku, except for the same commercials playing back to back to back to back to back. After some time of seeing/ hearing the same same same same it not only makes me want to turn TV off but to never ever shop at the advertising company. Ie..Summit Racing ,Gunk and  Dustless Blasting. It is like some kind off psych opps,or torture. Love the shows  hosts and website. But did I mention over n over n over n over n over.
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I agree 100% Mkslam! If I have to sit through one more Dustless-blasting commercial,I'm going to stick a gun in my mouth! That has to be the most annoying one out there,out of all of them! Not only does it run online,but on the Powernation channel on television along with the Velocity channel (that also runs it constantly through the week!) ENOUGH ALREADY!  The more I see it,the more I DESPISE the product and company trying to shove it down our throats!
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