Could you do a program possibly consisting of two or three parts showing the addition of cold air intake, nitrous oxide injection, Edelbrock supercharger, cat back installation (dealing with the flapper valve treatment of the DOD engines), tuners like Diablo, etc., that we could do at home?  And then report to us any issues that could develop after a couple of months?  Questions we have are:  what happens to the DOD mechanical system if nitrous is used a lot; what happens to the variable valve timing if the Daiblo or other tuner is used; and will the warranty be voided by any of this?  Many of us just want more performance from our trucks but we don't want to do anything that will create problems.

Thanks for your consideration.

Bruce Bennett  
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Would like to see you take a 2003 eclipse and crate motor it with rear wheel drive. Mine is available and I'll help with costs.
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