Today I watched an episode of Engine Power, titled Triple Threat Camaro.  I viewed it on my DVR.  Near the end of the episode I realized there didn't seem to be much time devoted to the Camaro.  So I started at the beginning of the show again, and tallied the 2 segments of time devoted to the Camaro.  It amounted to just 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

After the initial intro, there was a polite mention of the 3 sister programs, then some Katie and Gannon time, there were the typical advertisements blended in.  And then there is the addition of what I refer to as SHOWCASING.  This episode's SHOWCASE was MATCO tools.  The total time devoted to MATCO SHOWCASING + MATCO advertising, amounted to 10 minutes.  Nearly double the time dedicated to the actual Camaro subject.

30 minute automotive TV programs are certainly being diluted.  Engine Power isn't the only car show being diluted by the addition of SHOWCASING.  It appears to be a trend.
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all the free tools and free parts for the builds do have a cost...unfortunately we as viewers pay by losing content time
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