1.  When searching episodes the app often stops responding to input.
2.   When searching anything,  if whatever is going on in the background gets within 5 seconds of a commercial break it kicks you out to the commercial.  Searching episodes has about a 3-second timeout while scrolling that should be about 10-12 seconds.
3.  If Powernation TV is going to charge for access you need to step up to the plate and fix the App.
4.  If Powernation TV is going to charge for access you also need to get all your episodes available to paid subscribers.
5.  For the love of all that is sacred add some diversity to your commercial breaks.  I get commercials I get ad revenue and sponsorship what I don't get is watching the same five commercials 80 times a day or even worse when the same commercial is repeated 4 times in the same break.

Thanks for producing Awesome shows.  Makes those cold winter days more bearable.
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