John L.
I have seen a show about tuning a PCM for modifications, but have you done a more involved show that tells about the sensors, what checks have to be eliminated (for say a cam change), and maybe tips to pick out a good programmer?

When my LT1 was swapped for and LS1, I had to deal with all of those headaches.  My car now has a little "jerking" to it that I think may be due to a Transmission check.  After I get the check eliminated, I will know for sure.  I also went with a 1998 PCM.  Later, I found out that a 1999 or newer PCM would have been better.  From wiring diagrams that I got from GMPP, it looks like I may be able to switch to a 1999 or newer PCM, but the cars runs ok and it may be a future project.  I would like to see stuff like I talked about.
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