I just completed a build of my 2017 Subaru Crosstrek.  I'm a University of Kentucky Fan so the project is named "Project Wildcat".  I travel for work to some fairly remote locations.  A Jeep was my first choice if money weren't an issue.  Not all of us have big budgets for high dollar jeep builds.  The Crosstrek was extremely affordable, fuel efficient, and quite capable in it's stock form.  It is in no way a rough and tumble rock crawler, but it gets me up and down the unimproved, unpaved, remote roads I travel occasionally.  Being the motor head that I am I had to improve it.  I have attached my budget, build sheet and a few pictures.  I would like to find a cost effective way to gain some more power from the 2.0 boxer engine.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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