Why does no one build Suzuki's all thats done are jeeps. The Suzuki grand vitata and xl7s are a great platform to start from
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Because only idiots buy Suzukis.
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The biggest reason is because of the lack of aftermarket parts.
Because no one is doing anything custom there isnt going to be any either.
There has to be some kind of showing before manufacturers will make any either.
Its all about the numbers.
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Dirty ol dog
here's my view from the cheap seats. it's an American show, so it would generally lean towards US built vehicles. It's a lot easier to get advertising dough or freebies from Ford than it is from Suzuki. Just look at the Nissan Z that they have, it has a chevy engine to make it palatable to the masses. Personally I would like to see a build with an Infinity G37. It has tons of aftermarket support that covers bumper to bumper. Plus, it's a great platform for trac days or street fights. Mine has eaten a few Mustang GT's in it's day. 
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