i have watched the show for a long time and have never been more excited about one of their builds!  My first car was a 1983 Regal I bought with money I saved from various jobs way back in 1989.  I had to have one because my grandfather, uncle, and other relatives worked at Buick.  My uncle was a test engineer for them and got to test the models before they went into production.  I’ll never forget the time he had a Regal turbo, the little lights that came on as the turbo spooled up were so cool.  I’ve been dreaming about getting another Regal for years.  The rendering they had done is awesome!!  I live in South Bend, IN home of tire rack.  They do One Lap of America out of here every year.  I would love to do it with this car.  The new frame, suspension, motor, and everything else you know they are going to do to it, it would be a blast.  I will be following every step.  Man I wish I could help...
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Another Buick fan is also waiting for this. I’ll start looking for one now. Miss my 67 and 69, both Skylark’s.
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Tommy seemed right at home with the Buick. As an Olde Pharte, I wonder when he's going to drive with his left turn signal on? It's been a while since I've had a Buick. I miss when they were distinct cars in a league of their own.
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I want to see more of this build as well. If I have to sit through one more boring episode where Marc works on his Mustang I think I am going to organize a call in campaign to have him and the Mustang tossed out. 
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There are some nice Buick Regal builds on Youtube.
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