I'm working on a project Truck, 86 F150 Flareside.  Most people find it boring.  I like trucks.  Anyway, I'm swapping the worn out 6 for a V8.  I got a 2001 Explorer 5.0L with 112K from a major salvage parts company.  I don't know the history of it.  I was going to add stronger valve springs and roller rockers and drop it in with a Carb.  BUT, should I spend the money to have it professionaly rebuilt?

How do you decide, rebuild or go as is?  What is the criteria? 

I don't have a lot of engine shops around me.  Of course, they all say rebuild.
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Generally, I'd let the funds and intended usage decide. If you just want a bigger block but aren't gonna romp on it, just clean it up and such. But if you want to give it a new life (and have the funds or means), then get it rebuilt. 
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