Let us know what your top choice (or choices) is!
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Scott Batson
The Hellcat
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The "cars" don't do much for me. They are designed for more urban areas than I live in. I've seen SS Camaro's, various versions of the Dodge Challenger, Mustangs and some import cars. While it's nice on a sunny summer day to open it up, the pavement around here isn't like Texas and Southern California. Not even the Nashville area. One vehicle I was impressed with was a Raptor F-150. While it isn't a car, it can keep up with them on these bare patches we call roads. 
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John L.
For me, it is the Dodge Challenger.  I used to be a GM guy, but I have liked the Challenger since it last came out.  I have not been a fan of the latest Camaro, but I would say the "Trans Am" if you included the "conversion" car that I have seen.
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