Let me just say that changing the hosts of this program was one of the worst things you guys could do, no offence to the new hosts, but we are not looking for building 4x4 101 class, this isnt beginners 4 wheeling eather, you need to look back on what was being done on the this show and move forward not start from point a again.
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LongRider wrote:
PN - why offer us the opportunity to express views IF you fail or decline to respond?   And to all the PN members .. how many of you own or want to build a SCOUT?   XOR get REAL..  Leftover Scouts do not get built for off road! Same for you other chosen vehicle.  I now watch Soccer and then Counting Cars & Velocity Network.  Thanks for showing me the alternatives.

We are absolutely open to criticism because we make TV shows and automotive how-to tv shows at that. We've taken criticism for a long time. This is our 20th Season of PowerNation/PowerBlock in fact! However, this is also a place for conversation and what we don't want to happen is 20 threads with very little substantive constructive criticism about the same topic. It mucks up the group and doesn't support the overall reason for this group.

If you want to debate what should be happening with these builds? Go for it! If you want to debate what builds you'd like to see next season? Go for it! If you want to express missing past hosts? Start a thread about your favorite builds from that era! Those comments will stay and may even get comments from the PowerNation crew! That being said we absolutely think Jeremy and Eliza are going to bring a lot of fun and cool projects to the XOR shop.

What we are going to delete are posts that don't add value to the conversation! Hope that makes sense! Stay Xtreme, XOR fans, Stay Xtreme! - PN Admins
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All people are saying is that the name of the show is Xtreme Offroad, not bunny slope offroad, we want xtreme stuff, 1 ton axles and big fire-breathing engines, not how to install ball joints.
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I hold the opposite view of harrismj1. I want to see how to fix things that broke on the trial/road. Get arounds on simple issues. The better portions of viewers, are not looking to build a new vehicle, but fix what they have. How many of ya'll got the $40k to $200k for new toy ?  Yeah new axles are cool and all and made to do the job. But $4,000 for one end of my old rig ain't happening. Sorry advertisers and vendors.
 Maybe its time for a new show about everyday problems and everyday fixes. Junk yard parts ? You bet. Show us what to look for and look out for. Show us things we can use on our own stuff. Not what goes into big buck builds. Because far too many folks "run what we brung"
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Like I said the name of the show is Xtreme Offroad, if want to learn how just maintain your right find a different show. If you had watched the show over the years Ian brought in junkyard axles and rebuilt them, and did budget builds.  Most guys I know who watched the show before don't need how to put in ball joints. And c clipped half ton axles are not extreme.
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REPLY to The post by harrismj1 on the floor show... PL Soccer match was out of hand so I flipped and caught this pare of XOR....It was, for me, more informative as I need to address a porch that was poured incorrectly by the original home owner in 1998.  That stuff my solve my issue.  I have contacted the company asking for a quote; it might be less expensive than "stamped concrete".
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Sad thing is I miss watching this show. It's the only one that I know of that is consistently about 4X4 trucks. I don't own a classic in need of a frame off restoration. I don't "need" to have a 1000 HP engine. I also don't want a low rider truck. 
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