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No More SPIKE TV...What Happened to Sunday's?
Good question !!!!!! Been watching ever since you started on TV . Where do we go now ? 
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4x4 Ford truck conversion
marksauerland wrote:
I am going to do a conversion on a 97 Ford F250 using a 99 super duty front axle. Any ideas where I can get needed parts like a drag link adapting pitman arm to the super duty axle?

Look up your local state auctions . Chances are that there's 1 in there you can get on the cheap with a plethora of parts .
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1971 Dodge Demon
My '72 Demon a "G" code car. Changed out the "K" member from the sand mounts to the spool mounts . Most folks want you to remove the the lighter based LA V-8 torsion bars for the beefier bbm torsion bars when slant 6 bars will do just as good a job.
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