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Why does your site have such difficulty buffering.
I completely agree...I think they need to forget about the advertising and advertisements as a business model though. Other than the products they display on the shows of course. But what I mean is...everyone I know would easily pay $10-$15\month to watch the shows commercial and buffer free on their computer or especially on the Roku app. It has been WELL over a year since anything new was added to the Roku app to watch...it's just kind of sad really. Most of the people I know do not feel the need to pay almost $200/month for cable...especially since now in a lot of markets Spike is included ONLY in higher end premium cable packages. Which when"bundled" with internet can exceed the $200/month Mark... I think they need to get ahead of the curve quick if they want to stay employed...but I'm just a mechanic and a drummer so I don't know what I'm talking about...
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