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The entire strategy of PowerNation is to dumb down all the shows. They just want more viewers, any viewers, and could care less about the serious hobbyists.
Look at that bozo Gannon Pritchard.  He can't even remember the name of his show. Calls it  "Fast" fails or sometimes "FASTEST" fails. Totally stunned.
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He's not coming back and they are not going to change the current hosts unless the numbers are really bad.

Dumbed down with a guy and a red lipped chicky are EXACTLY what they were shooting for.
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Cheap paint job
Sorry, but I think it looks terrible. So obviously a home job. If you even slightly care spend a few bucks and go with a rattle can job or wrap the car.  Flat anything on a whole car just looks trashy.
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Super Power Durability?
Or course you are right. But I didn't really consider not driving it hard very much. If that is the case then why bother with the huge horsepower? I know from experience. I had a BMW M5 which was rated at 400 hp, but you could get 500 if you put it in sport mode. I did at the beginning but more often then not didn't bother to turn it on next time (it resets after you turn it off).  Never really noticed the "missing" 100 horses and this was my daily driver.

I was more interested in overall durability. In other words - how long were they built to last?  For example, NASCAR and F1 engines make amazing power. And while the distances of the races are not the same, the FI engine needs to go 5 races, while the NASCAR engine is rebuilt after every race.  Engineered durability.
So what it the prognosis for a the 740 HP Demon?
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Super Power Durability?
Ok, the horsepower they are getting out of some of the flagship cars like the Demon, Viper, Corvette, etc are impressive, but do we have any indication that the engines will last as long as the "puny" 400 horse models?

I blows my mind how much power they can make now, but have they also made HUGE advances in component strength?

I know it is easy just to say we can only wait and see, but I think it is a valid question. I'd like to see some test and reports like when they run a car X hours at full thottle at the Ring.

Or are we going to end up like it used to be 20 years ago, where your engine was scrap after the warranty expired.
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